A Safe Workplace is a Profitable Workplace

Regardless of your industry or profession, there’s a lot more to workers’ compensation than the premium you pay. Your safety protocols, your past loss history, and your ability to offer competitive prices to your clients all contribute to your total cost of risk.

Our advisors understand the inner workings of Workers’ Compensation and have a unique ability to identify the risks that can have a significant impact on your long-term profitability. We work together to help you understand how your workers’ compensation premiums fit into your total cost of risk and the different measures that can be taken to drive profitability.

It’s All About the EMOD

Our unique approach to workers’ compensation solutions focus on putting both proactive and reactive measures to work. We craft solutions that help control your Experience Modification Rating (EMOD) and its effect on your premium. To make sure you have the best options available on the market, we actively cultivate our relationships with regional and national carriers and leverage the strength of those relationship to negotiate on your behalf. Most of all, our goal is to work together to lower your total cost of risk, find innovative solutions to control your EMOD, and give your company a competitive edge to grow.

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Before a Work-Related Injury Happens

We understand the positive impact that proactive solutions have on your EMOD rating, your client relationships, and your premium.

We help you to cultivate a culture of safety and:

  • Establish claims reporting protocols
  • Partner with experienced occupational medicine professionals
  • Identify & analyze trends in your past claims
  • Properly transfer risk to sub-contractors

If an Employee is Injured at Work

Our work week doesn’t end on Friday and we know that time is a critical factor in your ability to manage the financial burden of a workplace injury.

After an employee is injured, we work together to:

  • Critically analyze your options
  • Assess the severity of the loss
  • Identify methods of future loss prevention
  • Calculate it’s impact to your EMOD

Once a Claim is Filed

To keep your operations running smoothly, we help to effectively manage the claims process and reach a timely closure of claims.

Together, we get your employees back to work and:

  • Maintain contact with the claims adjuster
  • Evaluate the incident or circumstances of the injury & ability to return to work
  • Ensure that your return to work and light duty transitional programs are working effectively