Compliance is a complicated aspect of insurance, but it’s important for both your business insurance and your employee benefits programs. Compliance for business insurance typically involves meeting new or changing coverage requirements for a work contract. For Employee Benefits, employers must comply with numerous federal and state regulations, such as ACA, COBRA, ERISA, FMLA, and HIPAA. On either side, you may be exposed to substantial fines or other penalties if you’re found not in compliance. As your local experts, we are here to provide you with the guidance you need.

How can we help you meet your goals for compliance? Contact a compliance expert today.

Insurance Regulatory Compliance

When you enter into a business contract it comes with specific requirements that you are expected to meet in order to complete the work. Our advisors and full-time internal marketing department have a superior understanding of the complexities of risk and how it factors into your responsibilities as a work contractor or sub-contractor.

As your trusted advisor, we help you to understand the insurance-specific aspects of your contract and:

  • Evaluate your true need for required limits, endorsements, or coverages
  • Secure required lines of coverage
  • Navigate requests for variance for unnecessary coverages or limits
  • Negotiate the cost of doing business
  • Evaluate if the cost of additional premium is greater than your potential profit
  • Facilitate the proper flow and transfer of risk to sub-contractors

Brown & Brown advisors only review service agreements as it pertains to the specifics of the client’s insurance coverage. Documents are not reviewed in any legal capacity, nor should a client consider it to be legal advice.

Employee Benefits Compliance

As an employer, one of your biggest challenges is staying up-to-date with the uncontrollable changes that affect your compliance status. With more complex requirements, larger penalties, and a higher chance of legal action, it’s more important than ever that your benefits program is managed and monitored with a keen attention to detail. Our employee benefits advisors and customer service team have a superior understanding of the complexities of compliance, how it factors into your responsibilities as an employer, and how it can be effectively managed year after year.

As an extension of your HR team, we help you to overcome the challenges of compliance and:

  • Carefully compose your plan to minimize compliance risks from the start
  • Educate you on understanding the employer’s role in compliance
  • Review and remedy compliance risks
  • Provide key documents required by federal agencies for annual notices and open enrollments
  • Identify ways to minimize your organization’s potential for fines
  • Host seminars and online webinars to strengthen your understanding of key regulations like ACA, HIPAA, ERISA, COBRA, and FMLA
  • 5500 Preparation